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On 5 Million Years of Evolution
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    What is MegaMorph ?

    MegaMorph means big transformational change. We used to live in caves; now we live in condos. We used to ride mustangs; now we drive Mustangs. We used to send smoke signals; now we send e-mail. Each big change -- each MegaMorph -- is not merely a chance accident in a randomly changing world, but is the direct result of a fundamental evolution that began before the Stone Age and will continue far into the future.

    MegaMorph is also the name of a book (to be published by _ in _).
    MegaMorph not only offers a fresh new look at how society evolves over thousands of years, it applies this evolution to today's changing world to give you vital news about how to:
  • Cash in on the floundering stock market
  • Cover your assets -- and even make a profit -- during the coming Foreign Exchange Crisis and the massive worldwide MegaRecession it will create
  • Pick jobs, careers and investments that will be hot in the next 20 years
  • Discover four new technologies and four big market trends on the horizon right now
  • Protect your family and finances from future terrorism
  • Make personal and business decisions with MegaMorph

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